Preview: Laidback Luke & Sander Van Doorn – Who’s Wearing The Cap (Original Mix)

As I began ranting about yesterday, and is quite clear with many of the latest EDM productions, the many genres of electronic dance music are continuing to blend as artists are developing new skills and collaborating with each other. Here is another great example as two of the biggest names in EDM unexpectedly team up on this upcoming release from Mixmash Records. Progressive prodigy, Laidback Luke, joins trance star, Sander Van Doorn, to bring the best of both worlds together and then sprinkle a little electro on top.

The story behind the track is actually kind of funny… Luke and Sander were once photographed together and one of them was wearing the cap. And since both were often claimed to look alike, the fans started the whole discussion trying to guess “who’s wearing the cap”, Luke or Sander. That story later brought both house masters together to produce the next smashing track and to call it “Who’s Wearing The Cap”.

Regardless of who’s wearing the cap, this track will hit the top of the charts for sure, it’s just a matter of when, as the track’s official release date has yet to be announced. Stay tuned and for now here’s the preview:


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